Operational Safety

  • Regular maintenance and inspection of the equipment ensures trouble-free operation
  • Maintenance service means fewer repairs and thus high availability

Cost Control

  • Maintenance costs become a foreseeable variable due to the agreed lump sum
  • Operating costs decrease due to regular maintenance and optimal settings


  • You will be automatically contacted annually by our service team to arrange a maintenance appointment
  • Qualified and personal contact person you can rely on 

Service Contract

Maintenance prevents and avoids bottlenecks in your company. You not only save costs, but also valuable time and valuable resources of your staff. On request, we can provide you a customized and tailor-made service contract.

Service Contract Inquiry

Warranty extension

Get the peace of mind that your new investment will be covered beyond the standard warranty.


Request warranty extension


frequent asked questions

- If the calibration of the measurement should preferably be as simple as possible

- If the measured value is to be stable, accurate and reproducible…

No, because herein lies a significant advantage over conventional belt weigher systems.

With a conventional belt scale, maintenance and servicing is…

Yes, interface measurements are possible with radiometry. Not only is it possible to localize the interface layers between two phases, but also to…

Unfortunately, we cannot offer all of the services listed here in every country. Please contact your local partner.