Systems for Activity Measurement

Measurement of Ionizing Radiation Activity with Berthold Instruments

The activity, as a physical quantity, describes the number of radioactive decays per time in a certain substance. The unit of activity is Becquerel: Bq, where 1 Becquerel corresponds to the decay of one atomic nucleus per second. 
We offer both stationary and mobile measuring instruments for the determination of the activity. Depending on the desired or required sensitivity of the detectors and the expected activity quantities, different options are available. Our low-level measuring systems with a low background are used for the measurement of low activities.

Activity Meters for Many Materials

A wide variety of materials can be tested for activity, including wipe tests, aerosol filters, evaporation residues and environmental and food samples. 
Since 1949, Berthold has been manufacturing measuring instruments of the highest quality for the measurement of activities. In compliance with legal requirements, we continuously develop our activity measuring instruments in order to be able to respond explicitly to current customer requirements. Our aim is to provide easy-to-use measuring instruments that guarantee the determination of the activity of different materials.