Customer benefits

  • Known moisture content when offering/loading bulk solid material
  • Wear-resistant and maintenance-free as measurement is contactless
  • No need for frequent recalibration


  • Large measuring volume provides representative measurement
  • Easy to install or retrofit on existing bunkers or silos
  • Noncontact measurement and no disturbance in the flow
  • Highly reliable, long-term solution
  • High accuracy with very good reproducibility

Measuring moisture content of bulk material

This online measurement can be installed in bunkers or silos to provide real-time information about the moisture content. Furthermore, accurate moisture measurement is also important when offering or loading bulk material by weight.

System description

Neutron moisture as well as microwave measurement are proven technologies with a long track record of success for moisture measurement on bulk materials. Neutron moisture measurements functions where most other moisture measurement technologies fail for various reasons. Once the system has been installed and calibrated, it can be left alone for several years providing reliable moisture monitoring of bulk products.
The neutron moisture measurement device LB 350 is also equipped with bulk density compensation. Bulk density compensation increases the accuracy of the moisture measurement if the bulk density of the product fluctuates.

Berthold's Measurement Solution

LB 350

Online radiometric moisture analyser for representative and robust measurements