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The measurement of several layers is carried out radiometrically, based on the amount of attenuation of the gamma radiation which penetrates the vessel and its contents. Less gamma gets through heavier phases, increasing the amount of attenuation. Based on the measured intensity of the radiation and corresponding calibration, the individual phases can be identified. The measurement is not influenced by pressure, temperature, viscosity, colour and chemical properties of the material to be measured, which results in a high quality functional reliability and maintenance-free radiometric systems.

Multiphase level measurement

Measuring different layers

For the measurement of three or more different product layers or where no clear interface is formed and therefore emulsion layers have to be monitored, our multiphase level measurement EmulsionSENS is used. It creates a density profile of the vessel contents, and, depending on the measuring arrangement, determines the position of the individual phases.
Several density measurements are installed at different heights to monitor the process very precisely. The result: residence time and demulsifying agent addition can be optimized.


Solution for monitoring transition phases or the height of multiple phases

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Improving desalter performance for opportunity crudes

LEARN FROM OUR EXPERTS how the performance of separators and electrostatic coalescers (desalters/dehydrators) can be improved by design and control instrumentation.

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Interface measurement

The measurement of clearly formed interfaces between two liquids or product layers can be carried out by means of different, simple measuring arrangements. There are different ways to measure a clear interface. Vessel geometry, accuracy requirements, and economic aspects decide the selection of the arrangement. Our experienced application experts are pleased to give advice and support to find the best solution for you.


    Multiphase level measurement - Improving level control in desalters to aid in use of opportunity crudes

    This paper shows how Berthold with its highly sophisticated radiometric multiphase level measurement system EmulsionSENS helps refiners to optimize the separation process, minimize the probability of failure, increase efficiency, save chemicals and thus permanently reduce your operating costs.

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