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Optimize your radiometric steel level measurement to increase accuracy, profitability and safety

LEARN FROM OUR EXPERTS about how to optimize your radiometric steel level measurement to increase accuracy, profitability and safety. Our top minds will take you through finding solutions to the challenges faced when measuring the steel level.

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The experts for measurement solutions

We are renowned for our ability to provide both a wide range of standard products as well as tailor-made measurement solutions, thus perfectly adapting to our customers‘ needs in terms of geometry, measurement performance and economic requirements. The huge number of measuring systems in operation worldwide is the best proof of the high quality of Berthold products and services.


  • Not exposed to the harsh process conditions
  • Free of wear and maintenance
  • Smooth handling and operation
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Perfect for all high temperature and high-pressure applications


Measuring the steel level in continuous casting

Radiometric based mould level measurement is the dominating technology for measuring the steel level in continuous casting. Herein we discuss performance, statistical variation, influencing factors, source selection, and a recent development that enables the simultaneous measurement of casting powder layer thickness.

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Whitepaper “Rod source / point detector"

Berthold has published the whitepaper “Rod source / point detector arrangement”, wherein the advantages and benefits of a rod source/point detector arrangement are explained. Due to less frequent production downtimes, simpler and thus more economical spare parts inventory, increased long-term and temperature stability and consistent process quality, the higher acquisition costs are mitigated within a short period of time.

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Do you need an extremely fast reaction time?

The LB480 SpeedStar version detector is used when very fast process changes must be monitored. The SpeedStar feature ensures extremely fast response times in the millisecond range. This feature is used when monitoring steel plate edge in order to straighten the cut edges while the plate is being transported on a roller conveyor, control furnace openings, or to position steel blocks.