Technological Highlights

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Representative, exact and reliable
  • Non-contact and low-maintenance


State of the art technology

  • Optimal production and reaction with real-time measurement
  • Simple onsite calibration

Comparision LB 567 & LB 568

LB 567 system highlights

The LB 567 is designed for applications with constant measuring conditions (e.g. constant particle size, bulk density etc.). The measurement is carried out without the need for radiometric compensation. With a height sensor, the system compensates for varying bulk heights on the conveyor belt. For more demanding applications however, we recommend the use of the MicroPolar Moist LB 568.

Moisture Measurement on Bales of Lucerne, Tobacco ...

The moisture inside bales is a critical parameter for the quality and durability of lucerne. Material which is too moist can start decomposing, with the risk of self-ignition. A moisture measurement is carried out on the bales to make sure that the moisture content is within the desired range of 8...15 %. When Lucerne is used in Bio-Ethanol production or power generation, the online measurement of moisture is an important factor for an efficient process.

LB 568 system highlights

The moisture measurement analyser MicroPolar Moist LB 568 is used  when the product bulk density varies. In addition to the moisture measurement with microwave technology, the system also uses a radiometric source and detector to measure the area weight (mass per unit area). This combination, allows the microwave moisture signal to be compensated for changes in bulk density, resulting in significantly improved measurement accuracy.


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