For this pre-treatment method, the level of ore slurry needs to be monitored continuously to guarantee a safe and optimized procedure and utilization of the autoclave. Due to the temperature (200–250 °C) and pressure (approx. 35 bar) conditions the walls of those autoclaves are too thick (around 300 mm) to apply conventional measurement solutions. Radiometric level measurement is the only technology to provide long-term, reliable results under those extreme conditions and measures continuously the level.

Customer benefits

  • Reliable level control
  • Process optimization: Improvement in safety and utilization of the autoclave
  • Non-intrusive, hence no corrosion issues
  • Virtually no operating costs
  • No recalibration due to patented stabilisation technology
  • Wear-resistant and maintenance-free as measurement is contactless



  • Standard: point source / rod detector arrangement
  • Highly repeatable and stable over years of operation
  • Online, real-time process information
  • High accuracy with very good reproducibility
  • Immune to interfering radiation, XIP or RID facilitates operation during weld inspections
  • SIL 2 /SIL 3 certified option
  • Non-contacting, non-intrusive technology


SIL certified option

The SENSseries LB 480 detectors are certified for use in SIL 2 applications. Even SIL 3 is achieved with homogenous redundancy. The certificate covers all measurement applications, from high level or low level alarms to continuous level measurement and density measurement. Thus safe operation of critical oil and gas processes is guaranteed.

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