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Detection Modes

Detection ModesTristar 3Tristar 5ApolloCentroCentro XS
Absorbance (Vis)     
Absorbance (UV)  from 340 nm  
Fluorescence (Vis)     
Fluorescence (UV)     
Glow Luminescence     
Flash Luminescence     

Technical Features

Technical FeaturesTristar 3Tristar 5ApolloCentroCentro XS
Bottom Reading     
Injectors   up to 3up to 3
Temperature control     
Gas connection     
Absorbance spectral scanning     
Fluorescence spectral scanning     
Luminescence spectral scanning     
96 well     
384 well     
6-48 well     
1536 well     


Assay Types

Assay TypesTristar 3Tristar 5ApolloCentroCentro XS
Endpoint assays     
Kinetic assays     
Well scanning     
Fluorescence immunoassays     
Luminescence immunoassays     


Protein Concentration

Protein ConcentrationTristar 3Tristar 5ApolloCentroCentro XS
Bradford, BCA, Lowry     
Protein (A280)     
Low volume absorbance (2 µL)     
NanoOrange®, CBQCA, Quant-iT™     


Nucleic Acid Concentration

Nucleic Acid ConcentrationTristar 3Tristar 5ApolloCentroCentro XS
DNA, RNA, oligos (A260)     
Low volume DNA samples (2 µL)     

RiboGreen®, PicoGreen®, OliGreen®

Quant-iT™ RNA     


Reporter Genes

Reporter GenesTristar 3Tristar 5ApolloCentroCentro XS
Secreted Alkaline Phosphatase (SEAP)     
ß-Galactosidase (ß-Gal)     
ß-Glucuronidase (GUS)     
Dual Luciferase     
GFP, CFP, YFP     


Cell Viability, Proliferation and Death

Cell Viability, Proliferation and Death

Tristar 3Tristar 5ApolloCentroCentro XS

MTT, XTT, Crystal Violet, SRB


Fluorescent Live/Dead kits, Alamar Blue


Calcein AM, CyQUANT®


SYTOX® Green, ethidium homodimer



Enzyme Assays

Enzyme AssaysTristar 3Tristar 5ApolloCentroCentro XS
ATP (luciferase)     
NADH (dehydrogenases)     
Phosphatases/Kinases activity     
Protease activity     


HTS Assays

HTS AssaysTristar 3Tristar 5ApolloCentroCentro XS

ABEL® Luminescent antioxidant test (Knight Scientific)


Adapta™ (Invitrogen)


AlphaScreen® (Perkin Elmer)


ATP bioluminescence


DELFIA® (Perkin Elmer)


DLR™ (Promega)


Dual-Glo™ (Promega)


GeneBLAzer™ (Invitrogen)


HitHunter® (DiscoveRx, luminescence)


HitHunter® (DiscoveRx, FP)


HTRF® (Cisbio)


Intracellular calcium (Ca2+ assay)


Ion Channel - VSP (Invitrogen)


LanthaScreen® (Invitrogen)


MycoAlert™ (Cambrex)


P450-Glo™ (Promega)


PKLight® (Cambrex)


PolarScreen™ (Invitrogen)


Predictor™ (Invitrogen)


Transcreener® FI (BellBrook Labs)


Transcreener® TR-FRET (BellBrook Labs)


Transcreener® FP (BellBrook Labs)


Z'-Lyte (Invitrogen)


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