Perform ELISAs, other immunoassays and more

Do you want to quantify nucleic acids, proteins, ELISAs, cell assays and more? The Apollo ELISA Reader excels in supporting a broad range of applications:



Wavelength range from 340 to 750 nm covers a broad range of applications.

Fast measurement

Read your samples in just 6 seconds (fast mode).

Trust your data

Accuracy of ± 1 % or ± 0.005 OD (0-3 OD).

Optional printer

The optional thermal printer enables you to print your results. This is very important if you need to document on paper the results from your ELISA and other assays.

Large dynamic range

Dynamic range of 4.0 OD is large enough to cover any assay´s requirements.

Expand you application reach further

  • Equipped with a built-in shaker with speed selection as standard.
  • The model with incubator Apollo-I reaches incubation temperatures up to 50 °C to enable your temperature-sensitive assays.