• No delay in the evaluation of radiation activity
  • Overleaf Lead shielding of detector unit and dusting surface
  • The large width of the filter belt enables a high air throughput of 25 m³/h and thus high detection sensitivity



  • Filter transport can be carried out either stepwise or continuously
  • The detector is located directly above the dusting surface and measures the radiation activity so that there are no delays in the evaluation
  • The dusting surface and the detector unit are shielded by a lead shield in 4 Pi geometry


Additional Features

  • Optionally, a measuring position delayed by up to 120 h (5 days) can be equipped with a detector, so that even artificial beta activity concentrations below 1 mBq/m³ can be detected fully automatically
  • Optionally, the filter band monitor can be combined with iodine and/or noble gas monitors in the same 19" cabinet

Product Overview

BAI 9100 D

  • The Filter transport can be continuous or stepwise. The filter tape is led over a slotted capstan drive through which the sampling air is drawn. This ensures a uniform dust collection with a continuous smooth filter advance without risk of rupturing the filter.
  • The detector is mounted directly over the dust collection area and promptly measures the particulates radioactivity.
  • The dust collection and detector assembly is shielded by an enveloping 4pi lead shield. This results in a low intrinsic background and small ambient radiation Sensitivity. Should this not be sufficient in strong to compensate the influence.
  • The large collection area allows a high flow rate of 25 m³/h hence low detection limits.
  • As an Option a delayed measurement can be offered which measures the activity on the filter 120 h (5 days) after collection, virtually eliminating any Radon progeny influence from the result which results in Detection limits for artificial Beta activities lower than 1 mBq/m³.

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Filter Tape

filter casette of BAI 9100

Technical Data

The Moving Filter

Filter transportcontinuous or stepwise
Dust collection area4π lead shild
Flow rate25 m³/h
Measuring range< 1 mBq/m³

Filter Casette

Structural shape19” casette, IP68
Construction materialalu side & backplate, plexi cover front

Pump unit


suited for temperatures up to 45°C

equipped with a maintenance free lateral blower pump

Flow rate

25 m³/h

Detection Limits


Continuous filter speed       

10 mm/h (based on DIN 25482)

Peripheral Interfaces

Current outputs0/4-20 mA LIN/LOG
Current inputs0/4-20 mA


RS232/V24 or other

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