Measuring total solids during sludge dewatering

With the addition of flocculants, this mechanical process can bring the sewage sludge to a dry content of 25 – 40 wt.%. Prior to the addition, the solids content is determined by a microwave measurement, which enables an ideal dosage adjusted to the sludge. This ensures considerable savings in flocculation aids and considerably reduced operating costs for dewatering.

Technical features

  • Reliable online concentration measurement
  • Representative output with microwave transmission measurement through entire pipe or through product stream
  • No wear of components
  • Precise measurement with only one calibration coefficient even with different sludges
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Maintenance-free measuring system


Customer benefits

  • Precise determination of the dry content in the inlet and outlet of the centrifuge
  • Increase in sewage sludge yield
  • Reduction in the use of chemicals
  • Non-optical measurement, therefore unaffected by impurities
  • Automation of the dewatering process
  • Reduction of transport costs
  • Electricity savings through shorter pumping times