Measurement of Airborne Activities with Berthold Instruments

The continuous control of radioactivity in room air and exhaust air of larger laboratories and nuclear facilities is an important task of metrological radiation protection. So is proper environmental monitoring of nuclear power plants. For some years now, there have been a growing number of applications in nuclear decommissioning and in the processing and storage of radioactive waste.

Measuring Instruments for Room and Exhaust Air Monitoring

The measurement of airborne radioactivity is one of our core competencies. 
We have a complete range of systems from mobile individual devices to customer-specific complete systems for aerosol, noble gas, iodine and tritium monitoring. Powerful monitors, as we supply them, are the prerequisite for safe and reliable monitoring. In addition to a sensitive detector, careful sampling of the sample to be measured, such as isokinetic sampling, plays an important role.

Special Solutions for Your Needs

Our experts will provide you with special solutions to meet the specific requirements of the application on site. Solutions for the measurement of airborne activities are often handled as individual solutions due to the specific requirements and conditions on site.