• Simultaneous and separate alpha and beta measurement

  • Simple operation with graphic display and touch panel


  • Serial and parallel interfaces, USB, Ethernet (optional)
  • Service functions (plateau, background, calibration, system test)

Measurement Mode

  • Permanent data memory
  • Extensive nuclide library is available
  • Closed measuring chamber with scintillation counter

Product Overview

LB 2046

The touch sensitive graphic display offers an intuitive user interface with simple and fast access to important measuring routines: With the background routine the Alpha and Beta background subtraction is provided and stored for the correction of the measured value. The calibration routine permits the calibration of the detector for different nuclides. With the system test a performance check for the instrument can quickly be achieved.

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Technical Data

Weightapprox. 15 kg (LB 2046), approx. 25 kg (LB 2046-130)
External dimensions285 mm x 250 mm x 330 mm (H x W x L)
InterfacesUSB, serial, parallel, Ethernet (optional)
Ambient Conditions 
Temperature range–5 to +40 °C
Rel. humidity0 to 90 % (no condensation)
α- in β-channel (241Am)< 50%
β- in α-channel (90Sr)< 2.0 x 10-5
Measuring range 


0 - 5 000 cps


0 - 50 000 cps