Moisture measurement of grounded granulated blast furnace slag

The GGBS is a byproduct in the steel industry and sold to the cement industry as aggregate. The producer of the GGBS has to guarantee not to exceed a specific moisture content.

Customer benefits

  • Online, real-time process information
  • The measurement can be installed at conveyer belt
  • High accuracy with very good reproducibility


  • Microwave measurement application
  • Measurement on a conveyor belt, using horn antennas
  • Due to height variations on the belt, the ultrasonic height sensor is connected


Measurement solutions for the steel industry

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Berthold's Measurement Solution

MicroPolar LB 567/568

Microwave moisture analysers for all kinds of bulk materials, non-contacting, reliable and maintenance free

Microwave moisture measurement sensor

Horn Antennas

Horn antennas for conveyor belt and chute installations