Forget about the huge workstations you have seen in large hospitals. Crocodile is only 26.5 cm wide. With all reagent bottles placed to the left of the instrument, it requires no more than 40 cm of space in width.

Crocodile 5-in-one provides the same functionality as five individual instruments but requires the bench space only of a typical ELISA reader:

  1. Dispenser
  2. Shaker
  3. Incubator
  4. Washer
  5. Reader


Total flexibility

Crocodile will adapt to any 96 well assay. Crocodile's strength is its versatility. Not only can it be used as a powerful and flexible assay processor, offering unattended performance, its functions also can be used to replace individual devices such as plate washers and plate readers. Unlike other ELISA workstations in the market, the Crocodile can perform assays that require to seal the plate during some incubations: just insert a manual step in the protocol and the instrument will play a sound to warn the operator, and instruct him/her to put or remove the film. And, of course, you also have total flexibility in wavelength choice: in addition to the preinstalled filters for ELISA (405, 450, 492 and 620 nm), 4 positions are available for custom filters.

Walkaway automation

The workstation is designed for truly unattended operation. Simply insert the sample microplate which includes standards and samples, choose the assay protocol and leave the work to Crocodile.

Convenient assay report generation

The software creates a complete report after performing the assay. It contains not only the results, but lists also all steps performed, including start and end times, temperatures, and all sorts of helpful information.

Plug and play

All functional modules are housed in one compact box. Simply connect the unit with the power outlet and a notebook or desktop computer and you are all set for analysis. The tubing for wash and waste liquids is preinstalled, ready to be introduced into the wash and waste bottles. In everyday use, preparing to use Crocodile won´t give you any headaches. Wash, waste, and reagent bottles are readily accessible, right next to the instrument. The instrument is ready for start-up within minutes.

Validation made easy

The performance validation of the Crocodile is supported by our IQOQ Package: Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification steps are performed according to detailed instructions provided. The results are documented in checklists according to the specific features of the instrument. In addition, we provide an optional Absorbance Test Plate to check the performance of the reader.

Easy maintenance and reliable service

Maintenance is also really simple: flushing of the system and routine replacement of the tubing is made easy by the intuitive design of Crocodile. The instrument is very robust due to the small number of moving parts. In addition, our technical experts are available to help if needed, and our service is available to ensure trouble-free operation over the lifetime of the instrument.

Convenient PC software

The user-friendly software easily adapts to any 96 well assay protocol. The five different functions can be in any sequence, one or several times each (for example one to four dispensing steps or multiple washing steps). Setting of each step is flexible and intuitive. Once you have chosen an assay protocol, the screen will show a graphic of the entire assay schedule, as it will be performed by Crocodile. The optional LightCompass software is available when quantitative and qualitative data analysis is needed.


All types of ELISA in a variety of fields, including:

  • Veterinary diagnostics
  • Food testing
  • Clinical research
  • ELISA R&D and QC

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Aflatoxin M1 ELISA with Crocodile

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Detect pregnancy in milk

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