Measuring the solids content in the thickener

The solids content in the underflow is monitored continuously by the radiometric density measurement. The robust device provides reliable measurements with excellent accuracy and reproducibility over many years.
The integrated control panel allows for easy and quick start-up. Measured values are displayed on-site.


Customer benefits

  • Prevents clogging of pipes and pumps, therefore ensures smooth process flows
  • Perfect control of the feeding rate of the thickener, the rotation of the scraper and the addition of flocculant
  • Together with a flow meter the mass flow exiting the thickener can be determined
  • Virtually no operating costs
  • Wear-resistant and maintenance-free as measurement is contactless




  • Easy to install on the pipeline exiting the thickener by clamp-on system
  • Not affected by aggressive process media
  • Non-contact, non-intrusive measurement
  • No recalibration necessary
  • Online, real-time measurement
  • Highly reliable long-term solution
  • Highly repeatable measurement


Berthold's measurement solution

SmartSeries LB 414

Compact and cost-optimized detector with integrated transmitter and local user interface