The Lumat³ is a tube luminometer that uses state-of-the-art technology based on more than 40 years of experience engineering and designing luminometers. The luminometer supports all basic luminescence technologies including:

  • Flash-type Luminescence
  • Glow-type Luminescence
  • Bio-Luminescence
  • Chemi-Luminescence


Luminescence detection at its best

Due to our unique and stringent selection process of photomultipliers working in photon counting mode and more than 40 years of experience manufacturing and designing luminometers, the Lumat³ offers excellent luminescence sensitivity at less than 5 amol ATP/tube for the standard version or as low as 1 amol ATP/tube for the high sensitivity version.

JET injectors - highest accuracy, speed and cell-friendliness

The Lumat³ can be equipped with up to 2 JET injectors with variable volumes. The ultra-fast injection speed of JET-injectors eliminates any delay between injection and measurement. This is critical when measuring flash luminescence measurements.

Berthold Technologies' JET injectors use Teflon bellows for accurate and fast injections and guarantees the most efficient mixing as well as extreme longevity.

  • Regardless of whether you want to inject large or small volumes, JET injectors provide high accuracy and greater than 98% accuracy over the entire volumetric range
  • Low maintenance costs and frictionless operation for an extended lifetime of over 3 million injections.
  • Cell-friendly materials and negligible shear forces enable worry-free injection of cell suspensions in Aequorin-based calcium assays

Convenient sample switching mechanism

The measurement of individual samples one after the other can be time-consuming. The Lumat³ has a proprietary turret mechanism that makes this job easier and increases throughput. Thanks to a motor-driven rotating chamber for two tubes, you can prepare and insert the next sample while the previous one is still measuring. The Lumat³ can quickly switch from one to the other, making the measurement of multiple samples easy and fast.

Convenient Software options

Berthold Technologies' ICE software is a wizard-driven software that is very intuitive and easy to use. There are several versions of ICE software available:

  • ICE Research for single, dual and kinetics measurements.
  • ICE Immunoassay for single measurements with curve fitting and cut-off evaluation.
  • ICE Advanced to combine all capabilities of both ICE Research and Immunoassay.