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All measurement solutions are contactless and non-intrusive. Thus, there is no exposure to process media and therefore, our products are unaffected by acidic, caustic, abrasive, dusty or sticky conditions.

  • Easy mounting on existing installation
    - No down-time
    - No modifications
  • Free of wear and maintenance

State of the art technology

  • Online measurement: real-time process information
  • Excellent reading stability: no need for frequent recalibration
  • Ruggedness: no moving parts
  • High reliability: high accuracy with very good reproducibility
  • Outstanding sensitivity: excellent results even with remarkably low source activities

Detector retrofit program to improve your production

Especially in low radiation conditions, our highly sensitive detectors improve the signal to noise ratio, resulting in superior performance when compared to competing system. Replacing your existing detector with a more sensitive Berthold detector will delay source replacement, which is costly, time consuming what is resulting in superior measurement performance compared to competing systems. Source replacement is costly, time consuming, and does not work towards a reduction in overall site source activity.

Berthold's retrofit solution


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