Alignment check

The correct alignment of the optical path and plate transport is checked by measuring light transmittance of 8 precisely aligned openings on the QC-plate.

Accuracy check

The accuracy can be tested with three different neutral density filters which are calibrated against a reference photometer.

Precision check

Repeated measurements with the QC plate will ensure precise and correct function of your reader.

Transport case

The test plate will be delivered in a sturdy transport case. This is very convenient to safely transport the plate if it is used to verify several instruments in different locations.

Technical Details

Wavelengths tested405, 450, 492, 550, 620 nm
Parameters tested
  • Alignment (position)
  • Accuracy
  • Precision
  • Order Nr. 50895-10: Apollo 11 LB 913, Mithras, Tristar, Crocodile


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