Black liquor and green liquor densities are measured reliably by radiometric systems, which are clamped on to the pipe and provide highly repeatable readings. The measurement is carried out without contact and is therefore unaffected by the high temperature and the chemical properties of the liquor. Installation on existing lines is easily completed without process downtime.

Customer benefits

  • Online liquor property information
  • Optimized liquor regeneration process
  • Reduces the amount of wash water needed in pulp washing systems
  • Virtually no operating and maintenance costs
  • Unaffected by build-ups and crusting
  • Decreases energy consumption
  • Possible retrofit with existing aged source



  • Noncontact radiometric density measurement
  • No flow disturbance, no wear and tear
  • Easy to install or retrofit clamp-on system
  • Highly repeatable measurement
  • No recalibration necessary
  • Not affected by the hostile chemical properties or temperature of the liquor


Brochure Density Measurement Product brochure

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