Technological Highlights

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Compact field probe with integrated evaluation unit
  • Quick-Start menu for effective, fast and easy to use start-up
  • Continuous self-monitoring through the unique and unrivalled cosmic radiation control by Berthold


State of the art technology

  • SIL 2 or SIL 3 with homogeneous redundancy
  • Process connection via HART
  • Patented 4 ... 20 mA current output
  • High immunity to interference (SIL standard)

Safe for critical processes

The high reliability of the measurement is supported by important diagnostic functions, such as permanent monitoring of the detector function by crosschecking the cosmic background radiation and much more. This guarantees outstanding operational safety.
The cosmic radiation control also makes it possible to keep the required source activity very low. Only Berthold is able to use the LB 480 as a density or min/max level switch in SIL2/3  safety circuits, in addition to its use as a level field device.


SIL certified option

The SENSseries LB 480 detectors are certified for use in SIL2 applications. Even SIL3 is achieved with homogenous redundancy. The certificate covers all measurement applications, from high level or low level alarms to continuous level measurement and density measurement. Thus safe operation of critical processes is guaranteed.

More about SIL


Highly sensitive measurement systems

Berthold density measurement SENSseries detectors offer optimum sensitivity and extremely high measurement accuracy. This makes it possible to work with very low source activities - a big advantage in terms of shield costs and radiation protection measures.

More about sensitivity

Do you need a measurement with an extremely short reaction time?

The LB 480 SpeedStar can be used where reaction times in the millisecond range are required. While standard measurements calculate a new measured value every 500 ms, the Speedstar version with a measuring time of 50 ms is 10 times faster. This allows very fast object recognition, e.g. detecting the beginning of a steel plate being moved at a relatively high speed on the roll conveyor, or measuring a density profile on pipes or plates detected directly during extrusion. The level of gas bottles can also be measured while the bottles are still being transported.


Sources & Shields

Sources & Shields

Sources and shields used in our radiometric systems are the safest and highest quality on the market. The shielding containers create an optimum shielding.


Density Measurement Brochure

English | PDF | 1.6 MB

Density LB 480 Manual

English | PDF | 7.8 MB

Radiometric measurement Whitepaper

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Article made to measure Publication

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