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All products are characterized by an excellent measurement accuracy, repeatability and above all mechanical ruggedness to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining industry for several years – even decades without the need of recalibration or maintenance.

State of the art technology

  • Outside mounting of components
  • Not exposed to the harsh process conditions
  • Free of wear and maintenance
  • Smooth handling and operation
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Easy to install on existing vessels, pipelines and conveyor systems without modifications
  • Perfect for all high temperature and high pressure applications

Do you need a measurement with an extremely short reaction time?

The LB 480 SpeedStar can be used where reaction times in the millisecond range are required. While standard measurements calculate a new measured value every 500 ms, the Speedstar version with a measuring time of 50 ms is 10 times faster. This allows very fast object recognition, e.g. detecting the beginning of a steel plate being moved at a relatively high speed on the roll conveyor, or measuring a density profile on pipes or plates detected directly during extrusion. The level of gas bottles can also be measured while the bottles are still being transported.

Mining & processing industry — the applications

Thickener in mining industry measurement application

Measuring the solids content in the thickener

Large volume thickening tanks are used in mining to con­centrate the ore or minerals contained in sludge. Solids settle on the bottom of the thickener and from there they will be removed from the vessel via an underflow outlet. The sludge leaving the thickener should have a fairly high solids content. However, pumps and pipes can become clogged if too many solids are withdrawn at once.

The solids content in the underflow is monitored con­tinuously by the radiometric density measurement Smart­Series LB 414. The robust stainless steel device provides reliable measurements with excellent accuracy and repro­ducibility over many years. The integrated control panel allows for easy and quick start-up. Measured values are displayed on-site.

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Measuring the potassium content for the potash industry

Potassium content measurement for the potash industry is a most difficult and challenging measurement. It is a necessary component of the production process and essential to the efficient production of Potash. The LB 474 potassium meter employs a variety of highly sensitive, scintillation based density detectors to do the job. Berthold can detect the K40 isotope tuning it into a meaningful potassium measurement. As this is a detection system only, there is no need for a radiometric source — the crude salt itself generates the small amount of radioactivity needed for measurement of the KCL. The detection system does not contact the process — which virtually eliminates maintenance and costly downtime.
An easy to use electronics interface (evaluation unit) with touch screen, provides real time measurement readouts in % KCL. A 4-20 mA output is also provided for use by any DCS/PLC computer.

Measuring the concentration for dedging applications

Berthold has the solution for this difficult measurement. The radiometric measuring system LB 474 from Berthold is used for online monitoring of the solid concentration. Extreme measuring conditions like vibration, weather or varying particle size and composition don't effect the measuring performance. Due to the sophisticated stabilization of the detector performance, the highly accurate measuring results are guaranteed for many years of operation and no maintenance is required at any time. With thousands of systems in operation worldwide, the LB 474 has proven to be a reliable measuring solution for dredging applications, providing high levels of accuracy and operational safety.



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