• Collection, visualization and evaluation of radiological measurement data
  • The central station can control the measuring channels remotely
  • The measured data can be shown in tabular or graph form by the operator, as well as status and failure protocols


  • In case an alarm is breached the background color of indicators is changed (e.g. red)
  • With the use of a windows text processor (MS Word) several report forms can be defined into which all data, calculated results, graphs or tables can be pre-defined
  • With the MEVIS Tandem Central a redundant data acquisition is possible

Networking Concept

  • Configuration (channels, status inputs, data path)
  • Conversion of data (measuring range, calibration factors, conversion tables)
  •  Evaluation of data (threshold values, alarm levels)
  • Operation and failure status of the measurement stations
  • Correlation of different data sets

Different versions


MEVIS Light                               MEVIS Full Version                   

  • For max. 3 monitors

  • Shows only graphs and tables

  • Serial data transmission only

  • Ethernet via COM-server

  • Standard version for medium size radiation protection networks

  • Serial data transmission

  • Ethernet direct (F²C via TCP/IP)




Object description in MEVIS software

Technical Data

Operating systemsWindows 7/10 (32 & 64 bit)
LAN connections

RS 232, RS 422, RS 485, Line driver or Modem, Ethernet via COM-server,

Ethernet (F²C via TCP/IP)

External signalingGSM, pager, SMS messaging, e-mailing
Logging time interval1 min – 24h polling intervals

stand alone central station

master / slave redundant configuration

master – auxiliary visualization unit configuration