Technological Highlights

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Compact field probe with integrated transmitter
  • For level switch, continuous level and density
  • Quick start menu for easy and quick start up
  • Continuous self-monitoring


State of the art technology

  • SIL 2 or SIL 3 certified for all applications
  • Enhanced software functionality (Gas Properties Compensation, wall build-up alarm...)
  • External radiation detection - XIP (X-ray interference protection)

Oil & Gas Upstream Applications with SENSseries LB 480

The demanding processes in the oil & gas industry require measurement devices with top level performance and operational safety. The Berthold SENSseries detectors for the oil & gas industry are specifically designed to be used for such applications. The first-class radiometric detectors offer an excellent long-term stability and repeatability for each application like point level, continuous level, interface and density measurements. Moreover SENSseries LB 480 has been awarded SIL2 / SIL3 certificates for use in safety critical applications. In short: SENSseries LB 480 is the product our oil & gas customers can rely on.

X-ray Interference Protection (XIP)

With this function, weld tests can no longer distort the measured value. The measured value is frozen until the external radiation influence is over. A digital output signals the detection of interfering radiation. All our level measurements are equipped with XIP.

More about XIP

Product Radiation Compensation (PRC)

No problem! The Product Radiation Compensation (PRC) feature provides reliable, accurate level measurement through independent activity measurement and integral compensation for a reliable and precise level measurement.

More about PRC

Gas Property Compensation (GPC)

In the case of radiometric measurement, gas density variations can falsify the measured value, unless you have gas density compensation from Berthold Technologies. With the feature GPC, a second measurement determines the current gas density in the tank and has a compensating effect on the connected level measurement. 

More about GPC

Detector retrofit program to improve your production

Especially in low radiation conditions, our highly sensitive detectors improve the signal to noise ratio, what is resulting in superior measurement performance compared to competing systems. Source replacement is costly, time consuming, and does not work towards a reduction in overall site source activity.

Berthold's retrofit solution

Do you need a measurement with an extremely short reaction time?

SpeedStar is used when the speed of the measurement is a crucial issue. Due to the extremely short response time of 50ms, rapid changes such as slugs are detected early, before they reach the production processes downstream.