• Versatile instrument for dose and dose rate, contamination and activity measurements
  • Lightweight, handy and extremely robust device
  • Application over a wide temperature range
  • Integrated dose rate detector

Integrated Dose Rate Detector

  • Detector positioned parallel to the front of the device
  • Energy response to H*(10) Ambient Dose Equivalent
  • Halogen quenched Geiger-Müller counter tube

Connectivty and Applications

  • Easily configurable to ensure reliable and safe operation
  • Connectivity for all portable detectors
  • Networkable
  • PC software with remote application
  • Practical bag with carrying strap

Product Overview

LB 134 UMo II

The LB 134 Universal Monitor II is a versatile instrument for dose and dose rate, contamination and activity measurements. A large number of probes can be attached to the basic unit, which identifies the pertinent probe and adjusts the program firmware automatically. Thus, adjustment of detector specific parameters like high voltage or measurement units is not necessary.

The LB 134 software provides numerous measuring modes and parameter settings

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Lb 134 zoomed front side

LB 134 UMo II Universal Monitor

Technical Data

Displaymonochrome LCD 192 x 64 pixel Electro-luminescence illumination
Measurement modesratemeter, scaler-timer, search mode

External dimensions

160 x 160 x 55 (L x W x D in mm)
Weight1400 g (with batteries)
Data memory2400 measured values with date & time
CommunicationUSB (1 device, 1 host for memory stick), RS 485
Max. operating time>15 h alkaline batteries 2.6 Ah (4 x AA)
>10 h NiMH rechargeable batteries 1.9 Ah (internal detector activated)
Protection classIP 53 (according to IEC 60529)


Order Information and Accessories

  • LB 1342; ZnS (170 cm²); α-βγ contamination (63189)
  • LB 1343; ZnS (300 cm)²; α-βγ contamination (63190)
  • LB 1234; Nal crystalγ activity; γ (only cps) (36103)
  • LB 6411; He-3 detector; neutron dose rate (64039)
  • LB 6411-1; He-3 detector (reduced pressure); neutron dose rate (64040)
  • LB 1236-H10; proportional detector; γ dose rate (63998)
  • LB 6414He-3 detector; neutron survey (64985)
  • LB 6386; P10 gas (2000 cm²); α-βγ contamination (33414)
  • LB 6376; Xe gas (2000 cm²); βγ contamination (33413)