When dispensing radioactive substances the following must be observed

On every package the UN Number for Dangerous Goods must be indicated as well as the proper description of contents required in accordance with the IATA and ADR regulations. The packing has to be in compliance to the IATA regulations (IATA DGR Type A packages). Further information relating to this can be taken from the ADR and IATA regulations.

We only accept radioactive material originating from Berthold, which has been used in conjunction with one of our measuring systems. The radioactive material and the shielding may not be damaged in any way and must have a valid leak test certificate. Additionally we need the source certificates. If the recommended working life (RWL) of the source is exceeded the maximum age of the leak test is 1 year. It is absolutely necessary that the radioactive material sent to us will be adequately labeled with your name, address and our reference number. Radioactive material may only be returned to us after receiving authorization from Berthold. Any material returned to Berthold without prior authorization will not be accepted by Berthold.

The shipment will only be released if, we received pictures indicating clearly:

  • the shielding is in good condition and,
  • the locking lever is in closed position and,
  • the installed padlock is attached without key and,
  • the installed transport securing screw and,
  • seal and wire are installed and, for mold level shieldings: The transportation bracket is mounted and secured and,
  • for type A boxes, or type A barrels: The secure fixation of the shieldings in the box, or barrel.

Additionaly we need the documentation - commercial invoice, shipper’s declaration (DGD), notification form - to prepare our import documentation in advance. The data for each source (activity, nuclide, if necessary source number) must correspond on each document! To avoid additional costs for storage at the airport in Germany the shipment should arrive beginning of each week Monday to Wednesday. We reserve the right to charge avoidable costs for storage. Copy of attached notification form and leak test certificate must be attached directly at the shipment, the original must accompany the shipping papers. Prior to this, the documents have to be sent by E-Mail in advance to our order processing. The confirmation of source return will be sent approximately 3 – 4 weeks upon receipt of the sources.

HerstellerIsotopeMaximum ageOther information
BertholdAm-241 3 a   Special form certificate required 
BertholdAm-241/Be 3 a   Special form certificate required


Cm-244 3 a   Special form certificate required 
BertholdCo-60  10 a  
BertholdCs-137  10 a  


Take-back conditions

The return conditions can change frequently due to legal regulations and new licensing requirements: Therefore, please always refer to the text on our return form which you will receive when registering a return delivery.


Return of radioactive sources

Notification form for all countries except Germany

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