Mass flow of sugar beets or cane

Typically, a radiometric belt weigher is installed prior to the washing plants. It measures the mass flow of the sugar beets / sugar cane very reliably by using non-contacting radiometric technology. A further application is found directly after unloading of the beets or cane to control the amount of delivered products. When compared to conven­tional belt scales the radiometric system offered by Berthold has proven to be a superior long-term solution with no need for recalibration or maintenance.

Customer benefits

  • Improved control on the amount of beets or cane entering the process
  • Optimum control of beet delivery
  • Lowest cost of ownership



  • Non-contacting measurement
  • Not affected by varying belt tension, vibrations, bumps etc.
  • No moving parts
  • Easy to install on existing conveyors
  • Stable and repeatable measurement, without the need for re-calibration
  • Maintenance-free

Berthold's Measurement Solution

DuoSeries LB 472

The LB 472 bulk measurement system for the precise measurement of solid material mass flow on all types of conveyors.