Measuring density for dredging

Mounted on the outer wall of the pipeline, Berthold‘s density measurement system provides superior and stable readings despite harsh environmental conditions. In combination with a flow rate signal, the radiometric density measurement delivers highly reliable information about current production.
Berthold‘s density measurement solution for dredging applications are used for continuous process control on pipelines. During measurement, the flow properties of your system are not affected due to the non-contacting method. This results in a wear and maintenance-free system.
To obtain information about the current production the concentration measurement needs to be combined with a separate flow rate meter. Both measuring signals (flow rate and density) are displayed by a cross-needle indicator. The cross-point of the two needles shows the current yield.

Density measurement with LB 474

Berthold‘s density measurement system LB 474 is used for online monitoring of the density. With a second device LB 474 and a separate flow rate meter it is even possible to measure both, the density as well as the mass flow (total mass flow or mass flow of the solids). Extreme measuring conditions like vibration, weather or varying particle size and composition don‘t effect the measuring performance. Due to the sophisticated stabilization of the detector performance, the highly accurate measuring results are guaranteed for many years of operation and no maintenance is required at any time.
Since, the gamma radiation source (Co-60 or Cs-137) is sealed safely in a compact shielding made from lead, tungsten or stainless steel, highest operational safety is given. As an option the shielding can be equipped with a pneumatic shutter mechanism, which automatically closes the radiation path when the dredge breaks down or the pipeline runs empty.

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Customer benefits

  • Real-time information helps to maintain the optimal ratio of density and flow rate
  • Ideal solution to reduce over-dredging and operational costs
  • No disturbance in the flow and transport properties by the  measurement
  • Wear-resistant and maintenance-free as measurement is contactless



  • Not affected by extreme conditions like vibration, weather, or varying particle size
  • Easy installation without pipeline modification
  • Highly accurate and repeatable
  • Outstanding sensitivity
  • Proven industrial measurement technology
  • High measurement stability through patented gain control


Berthold's measurement solution

DuoSeries LB 474

The DuoSeries LB 474 radiometric density system uses 2-wire technology.


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