Limit switch measurement for reheating furnace

It is important to know when a steel bar has reached the back end of the walking beam furnace in order to keep the opening time of the furnace at a minimum. A fast limit switch is installed to give an alarm as soon as a steel bar has reached this position.

Customer benefits

  • Gives an alarm as soon as a steel bar has reached this position
  • Saves energy


  • Point detector - point source arrangement
  • Due to the thick brick walls, the wall thickness is often reduced at the measurement points in order to keep radiation low


Our detectors are available with a very quick reaction time!

The LB 480 SpeedStar version detector is used when very fast process changes must be monitored. The SpeedStar feature ensures extremely fast response times in the millisecond range. This feature is used when monitoring steel plate edge in order to straighten the cut edges while the plate is being transported on a roller conveyor, control furnace openings, or to position steel blocks.


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