Automatically sets the correct cell-specific parameters.

Easy integration

Standard finger tight fittings for easy system integration.

Large sample area

Ensures maximum detection.

Types of measurement cells

Solid scintillation cells

Consists of a very thin Teflon or Halar hose filled with fine scintillator grains. Designed to withstand backpressure from viscose eluates and flow rate. Solid scintillation cells are available either untreated (YG-U type) or surface treated (YG-S type) to minimise memory effects by sticky analytes.


  • Exceptional yield
  • Chemically inert

Liquid Scintillation Cells

Designed to be used with the homogeneous method when liquid scintillator is added externally using a scintillation pump. Liquid scintillation cells are available for all applications including standard HPLC, LC/MS microbore and UHPLC.


  • Optimised peak shape
  • Best signal-to-noise ratio
  • No stickiness issues

Microbore cells for UPLC™/UHPLC

Designed to meet the demands of the microbore technology by having minimised cell volume and reduced dead volume.


  • Excellent peak shape
  • Higher peak resolution

Gamma cell

The BGO-X cell consists of a 40 mm BGO crystal and is specifically designed for analyzing gamma isotopes. A selection of different cartridges is available to cover a wide range of volumes.


  • High efficiency detection even for high energy gamma isotopes

Low energy Gamma Cell

Specific proprietary cell design optimized for low energy gamma isotopes like 125I.


  • High efficiency detection
  • Very low background signals

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