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Due to the unique variety of sensors and measurement components Berthold supplies the optimal solution in terms of measurement performance, practical feasibility and cost. With hundreds of systems installed in pulp & paper mills throughout the world, we have the experience and the technical know-how to even solve your measurement tasks no matter if a new system or a retrofitting solution is required.

State of the art technology

  • Experts in proven retrofit 
  • No exposure to process media and therefore unaffected by
    acidic, caustic, abrasive and sticky conditions
  • Maintenance free and wear-resistant
  • Easy to install on existing pipes and vessels by clamp-on devices
  • Smooth handling and operation
  • Outstanding longterm stability

SIL certified option

The SENSseries LB 480 detectors are certified for use in SIL2 applications. Even SIL3 is achieved with homogenous redundancy. The certificate covers all measurement applications, from high level or low level alarms to continuous level measurement. Thus safe operation of critical pulp and paper processes is guaranteed.

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Density of liquor

Chemicals recovery and regeneration the and burning off organic material dissolved from wood are critical steps in the pulp mill. An accurate, repeatable on-line density measurement is necessary to operate this phase of the process. Black liquor and green liquor densities are measured reliably by radiometric systems, which are clamped on to the pipe and provide highly repeatable readings. The measurement is carried out without contact and is therefore unaffected by the high temperature and the chemical properties of the liquor. Installation on existing lines is easily feasible without process downtime.

Density of lime mud

In the regeneration of pulping chemicals, lime mud is formed as a by-product. Several process steps follow to convert the suspension back into calcium oxide (“lime”). During these processes it is important to have real-time information on the solid content and the density of the lime mud. A radiometric system is ideal for this type of application, because it doesn’t contact the suspension and is highly wear-resistant. As a simple clamp-on solution it is simple to install without any process downtime. The high accuracy and repeatability of the measurement helps to optimise the recovery process, while the effort to maintain the system is insignificant.

Level of pulp stock in the MC pump standpipe

Maintaining the level of pulp stock in the MC pump standpipe is very critical. If the pulp level in the standpipe falls below a certain value it can cause cavitation in the pump. Standpipe overflow and no-flows should be avoided. Traditional instrumentation, using DP cells, and capacitance probes have proven to be ineffective for this application, leading to false readings and causing high maintenance costs. Consequently a radiometric level measurement is used to control the pulp level in the standpipe – contactless and non-intrusive. The measurement is highly accurate and even quick level changes can be monitored reliably. As a result, the operation and efficiency of the pump can be improved as measurement performance is well beyond that of other technologies.

Mass flow of recycled paper and paper bales

The processing of recycled paper involves mixing used/old paper with water and chemicals to break it down, i.e. to recover lignin. In order to control the amount of paper that enters the cooking process, a radiometric belt weigher is used. This measures the bulk flow non-contacting and non-intrusive, without any moving parts. Installations are possible on all conveyor types, e.g. belt conveyors, drag chain conveyors, bucket conveyors or screw conveyors. The measurement is highly accurate and repeatable, so that there is no need for re-calibrations.


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