Measuring the moisture of wood chips

The Micro-Polar system using microwave transmission technology measures the moisture content online. With an antenna below and above the belt, the microwave measures the whole material cross-section leading to highly representative, real-time information. An additional radiometric system can be used to compensate for variations in bulk density and load.

Customer benefit

  • Improved boiler efficiency
  • Optimised boiler operation through in-situ information on water content 
  • Easy retrofit of existing lines without modification


  • Non-contacting measurement
  • Easy to install on existing conveyor belts
  • Highly representative through transmission technology 
  • High measurement repeatability
  • State-of-the-art microwave transmission technology covering the whole material cross-section

Berthold's Measurement Solutions

MicroPolar LB 567/568

Microwave moisture analyser for all kind of bulk materials, non-contacting, reliable and maintenance free

LB 571 Microwave Resonator

Sensor for online moisture measurement of bulk materials