State of the art measurement technology

Density measurement system installed on pipeline

Density measuring principle by Berthold!

The radiometric measurement of density is based on the Gamma transmission principle. Gamma radiation is attenuated as it passes through a pipeline. This attenuation is measured by a detector. The extent to which the radiation is attenuated is dependent on the density of the medium in the pipeline. The higher the density, the less radiation reaches the detector. In this way, density, concentration and solids content can be determined reliably in a non-contacting manner – regardless of pressure, temperature, viscosity, conductivity and chemical properties. This results in high reliability and low maintenance of the radiometric measuring systems, even under severe operating and environmental conditions.

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Technological Highlights

Simply and intuitive operation

  • Measurement independent of the physical properties of the material to be measured
  • Easy installation, on the outside of the pipeline
  • No changes to the piping required
  • Subsequent installation on existing systems possible without switching them off (downtime)
  • No contact with the material being measured

Quality and safety

  • No wear and maintenance-free - high availability and thus high operational reliability
  • In-house production of various point and rod sources with different isotopes
  • [SIL2] [SIL3] [EX] TÜV Süd certified
  • Long-term stable measurement without recalibration
  • Worldwide sales and on-site service from the leading manufacturer of radiometric measurement technology

Highly sensitive measurement systems

Berthold detectors are particularly sensitive to gamma radiation. This offers the following advantages:

  • Increased measurement accuracy and faster response times
  • High long-term stability and measured value reproducibility
  • Significantly lower source activity
  • Longer lifetime
  • Use of smaller shields and thus lower costs
  • Minimum dose rate - less than 1 μSv/h

More about sensitivity

Unique long-term detector stability

A stable and reliable measurement over years is an important quality criterion when choosing a radiometric density measurement system. Accordingly, much effort has gone into the development and optimization of this detector property. Today we are proud to say that Berthold detectors offer the best long-term stability. A patented automatic drift compensation method compensates for temperature effects, ensuring high sensitivity and consistent measurement accuracy over the life of the system and years of operation without recalibration.