Measuring the mass flow of wood chips or bark

The main advantage compared to conventional weighing systems is that the radiometric belt weigher does not need to be recalibrated and provides reliable results during many years of operation. The system can be installed on on all conveyor types, e.g. belt conveyors, drag chain conveyors and screw conveyors. Installations on existing boiler feeding lines are easily feasible.

Graphic radiometric screw conveyor

Typical measurement arrangement on a screw conveyor.

Graphic radiometric belt weigher to measure the flow of recycled pape

Radiometric belt weigher measures the mass flow without contact. The results are stable over many years and frequent recalibrations are not necessary.

Customer benefits

  • Online, real-time process information
  • Optimised boiler operation
  • Ideal balancing of boiler feedstock
  • Reliable from start to finish


  • Contactless measurement of wood chips or bark by gamma ray attenuation
  • High repaetability, no need for frequent recalibrations
  • Maintenance free
  • Virtually no operational expenses
  • Excellent measurement stability
  • Not affected by varying belt tension, vibrations or bumps


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DuoSeries LB 472

The LB 472 bulk measurement system for the precise measurement of solid material mass flow on all types of conveyors.