Solutions for Nuclear Facilities

Installations for the processing, utilisation or storage of nuclear fuels are referred to as nuclear installations.
Nuclear installations include the following facilities:

•    Nuclear power plants
•    Research facilities
•    Reprocessing plants
•    Enrichment plants
•    Intermediate / final storage

Monitoring of Radiation Exposure in Nuclear Technology

Due to the handling of large quantities of radioactive substances, extensive radiation protection measures are necessary in nuclear facilities. One of the main tasks is the supervision of the personnel and the plant, whereby the following work steps, among others, are indispensable:

•    Contamination monitoring at entrances and exits of control areas 
•    Contamination control with wipe samples, e.g. LB 790
•    Control of local dose rates
•    Activity measurements
The other important duty of the operator of nuclear installations is to ensure that no unacceptable amount of radioactive material is released into the environment. For this purpose, measurement of airborne activities in the exhaust air (emission monitoring) and of activities and dose rate in the environment (emmission monitoring) is necessary. The results and balancing of the measurements must be documented in a suitable manner, e.g. by a measurement and visualisation software.

Solutions for Decommissioning

The increasing number of nuclear facilities undergoing decommissioning in the coming years will place different demands on measurement technology. For this purpose, we offer rugged and easy-to-use measuring instruments that are insensitive to external influences such as dust. 

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