Measurement of Radioactive Contamination with Devices from Berthold

Contamination is the impurity of surfaces with radioactive substances and is indicated in the measured quantity activity per area [Bq/cm²]. Surface contamination is subject to legal limits and can be monitored using various measuring methods and instruments.
Sensitive contamination measuring instruments that detect alpha, beta and gamma contamination at an early stage help to prevent unwanted spread or carry-over of radioactivity.

Berthold offers both mobile and personal measuring instruments for the measurement of contaminations.

Our Core Competence is the Measurement of Alpha, Beta and Gamma Contaminations

For the measurement of alpha, beta and gamma contaminations, Berthold has been manufacturing measuring instruments of the highest quality since 1949. In compliance with legal regulations, we are constantly developing new instruments for measuring contaminations in order to be able to respond explicitly to current customer requirements. Our aim is to provide user-friendly measuring instruments that guarantee highly accurate and rapid detection and free measurement of a wide variety of contaminated surfaces.