Instrument control

 LightCompass BasicLightCompass PlusLightCompass Professional
Single Measurement   
Dual Measurement   
Repeated Measurement   
Area Scan   
Wavelength Scan   


Calculations and data handling

 LightCompass BasicLightCompass PlusLightCompass Professional
Ratio and subtraction   
Calculation matrices37Unlimited
Dilution factor calculation   
Outlier correction   


Curve fitting

 LightCompass BasicLightCompass PlusLightCompass Professional
Spline, Linear Regression*  
4 Parameter, Polynomial Regression, Adv. 4 Parameter, Adv. 5 Parameter*  
Reference curve, Master curve*  

* Wizard only 

Quality control

 LightCompass BasicLightCompass PlusLightCompass Professional
Customised analysis report generation   
User Management   

Password protections of the different user accounts

Configurable user hierarchies   
Audit Trail with automated Log-file generation   
Automated filename generation   
Control history for validation   
Assay lot num. verification   
CFR 21 Part 11 compliance   



 LightCompass BasicLightCompass PlusLightCompass Professional
Sample Identification (manual, barcode)   
Automation Server   
Parameter file selection by barcode   
Plate Organiser (sample ID definition, preparation)   


Software updates and further information

Please note: all software versions listed on this page are compatible with the operating system Windows 10 and newer. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding updates and their installation.

Operating System and Office compatibility

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