Moisture measurement of coke and iron ore/concentrate on the conveyor belt

An online moisture measurement on the conveyer belt provides real-time information on the moisture content before the material enters the blast furnace.

Customer benefits

  • Improved thermal control the blast furnace operation
  • Online, real-time process information
  • High accuracy with very good reproducibility
  • The measurement can be installed at conveyer belt


  • A neutron source emits neutrons, which will be converted to slow neutrons, when they hit hydrogen atoms. The amount of backscattered slow neutrons is proportional to the coke moisture.
  • Non-contact measurement and no disturbance in the flow
  • Highly reliable, long-term solution
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Large measuring volume provides representative measurement


Measurement solutions for the steel industry

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Berthold's Measurement Solution

LB 350

Online radiometric moisture analyser for representative and robust measurements