Technological Highlights

Technological highlights

  • Dual level measurement: especially useful for level measurements of products in processes with two significantly different process stages (e.g. normal and outage stage in the delayed coking process)
  • Outstanding compensation functions: prevention of measurement falsification using Gas Property Compensation (GPC) and Product Buildup Compensation (PBC)
  • Detector options: LB 4700 DuoSeries detectors (only two wires) or LB 480 SENSseries detectors (316L housing as option and own current output) can be used
  • Single level and total level output in cascaded systems: output of the total level value as well as the individual levels of the respective level detectors

State of the art technology

  • NDT safe: proven radiation interference protection XIP
  • Simple and intuitive: operation via 3.5“ TFT display
  • Reliable: important maintenance-oriented diagnostic functions and self-monitoring
  • Ease of mounting and wiring: transmitter and extension modules are mounted in a standard 19” rack or in a wall-mounted housing
  • Signal output to DCS: parallel output of all relevant values via 4 … 20 mA (HART) with additional Current Output/HART module (4 current outputs per module)

The system tailored for your measurement task

Level measurement

System components

  • Radioactive sources and shields: individual design, project-dependent
  • Multiple detectors mounted on the outside of the vessel in the radiation source beam path(s)
    • up to 5 detector(s) for continuous level measurement
    • 2 compensation detectors:
      1 detector for Gas Property Compensation (GPC) and as high level switch;
      1 detector as trigger detector for Product Buildup Compensation (PBC)
  •  LB 476 Level+ transmitter with optional additional Current Output/HART module

Product Buildup Compensation (PBC)

The PBC trigger detector prompts the product buildup compensation feature to adjust the calibration curve to a new zero percent level for the continuous level detectors when the product level drops below the trigger detector’s height. The new zero point remains in effect until the vessel is emptied and the PBC is activated again. This ensures more accurate measurements, as PBC compensates for any buildup that may affect the continuous level detectors.

Gas Property Compensation (GPC)

The GPC detector is positioned at the top of the vessel and measures gamma radiation passing through the gas phase. Using the signal of the GPC detector, the LB 476 Level+ compensates for changes in gas density, ensuring that the level measurement is accurate and reliable. This improves process control, reduces the risk of errors or failures, and helps customers achieve better efficiency, safety, and reliability.

More about GPC

X-ray Interference Protection (XIP)

With this function, weld tests no longer cause sudden fluctuations in the measured value. When weld tests are detected, the measured value is frozen until the external radiation event ends. A digital output signals the detection of interfering radiation. All of our level measurement detectors are equipped with XIP.

More about XIP

Detector series for different requirements

The system LB 476 Level+ can be operated with both DuoSeries LB 4700 and SENSseries LB 480 detectors. Both detector series combine top of the class measuring technology with maximum manufacturing quality and innovative features – the best systems for difficult measuring tasks. Within each detector series there are several detector types with various scintillator sizes and materials.

Sources & Shields

Sources & Shields

Sources and shields used in our radiometric systems are the safest and highest quality on the market. The shielding containers create an optimum shielding.


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