The beginnings of Luminescence

Ever wonder who developed the first luminometer and why it was developed? Learn more about the beginnings of luminescence right here!

Busting Myths about Microplate Reader Injectors

What is important if you take a closer look at microplate reader injectors? A comparison between syringe injectors and JET injectors.

What are the benefits of top reading vs bottom reading?

Microplate readers offer often the option to read fluorescence both, from the top and from the bottom but, what are the benefits of each reading mode?

Quels sont les avantages de la lecture par dessus par rapport à la lecture par dessous ?

Les lecteurs de microplaques offrent souvent la possibilité de lire la fluorescence à la fois par le dessus et le dessous, mais quels sont les avantages de chaque mode de lecture ?

How sensitive is your microplate reader?

Instrument sensitivity has been defined as the smallest amount of change that can be detected by a measurement. But, from a scientific point of view, how can we distinguish between sensitive and less sensitive microplate readers?

Minimising Crosstalk

Modern microplate readers are able to detect very low quantities of light; this has led to an increasing focus on optical crosstalk.