Density and solids content measurement of lime mud

A radiometric system is ideal for this type of application, because it doesn’t contact the suspension and is highly wear-resistant. As a simple clamp-on solution it is easy to install without any process downtime. The high accuracy and repeatability of the measurement helps to optimise the recovery process, while the effort to maintain the system is insignificant.

Customer benefits

  • Real-time information on density and solids content 
  • Improved control over lime mud processing
  • Optimised use of recovery chemicals such as flocculants lead to cost savings
  • Lowest operation costs 


  • Non-contacting radiometric density measurement 
  • Easy to install, clamp-on system
  • Unaffected by product properties
  • Highly repeatable measurement
  • No need for recalibrations
  • Maintenance-free operation 


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