State of the art measurement technology

Level measurement system installed on vessel

Continuous level measuring principle by Berthold!

Gamma radiation, emitted from a shielded source is attenuated as it passes through the vessel. This attenuation is measured by a highly sensitive detector, mounted at the opposite side of the vessel. As type of radiation and measuring geometry are constant the attenuation will only be affected by a change in level.
The continuous measurement of level uses a radiation field over the whole measuring range. If the level rises within the range of the radiation field, the attenuation becomes stronger and consequently the detector measures less radiation. In this manner, the level can be reliably monitored - irrespective of pressure, temperature, viscosity, color and all chemical properties.
There are different possibilities how a radiation field is formed. Either a rod detector or a rod source is used; sometimes it is most beneficial to use both in combination.

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Technological Highlights

Quality and safety

  • Comprehensive safety features
  • In-house production of various source types and shapes with different isotopes
  • Regular quality and stress tests
  • Quality made in Germany

Simple and intuitive operation

  • 2-wire systems with separate transmitters1 or compact probes2
  • Communication via HART, 4-20 mA, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus
  • Robust design
  • Intuitive software solutions

1 2-wire systems with separate transmitters: 2-wire measuring system consisting of detector and transmitter, in which the transmitter  
   is housed in the control room.
2 Compact probe: detector with integrated transmitter, which is operated via HART or bus communication.

Long measuring ranges up to 8 m

The TowerSENS with a maximum sensitive length of 8 m is an extremely efficient solution for long measuring ranges. The TowerSENS detector ensures high sensitivity and accuracy over the whole measuring range.

TowerSENS Detector

Highly sensitive measurement systems

When compared to our comptetitors, our detectors with industry leading sensitivity achieve better accuracy with the same source, or can extend the useful life of aged and low activity sources. Depending on the application, the source activity can be reduced by up to 80%.

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Detector stability in continuous level measurements

The longterm stability of a detector is extremely important for consistent high quality measurement performance and accuracy during the many years of operation. Longterm drifts of detector sensitivity can be caused by temperature changes and aging. If they go unnoticed and are not compensated, they can cause a considerable loss in production yields and product quality suffers. See how our detectors maintain industry leading longterm stability.

X-ray Interference Protection (XIP)

With this function, weld tests no longer cause sudden fluctuations in the measured value. When weld tests are detected, the measured value is frozen until the external radiation event ends. A digital output signals the detection of interfering radiation. 
All of our level measurement detectors are equipped with XIP.

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Product Radiation Compensation (PRC)

Does your product naturally emit radiation? No problem!
The Product Radiation Compensation (PRC) independently measures gamma from the product and removes its effect upon the measurement, for a reliable accurate level measurement. 

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Gas Property Compensation (GPC)

Gas property fluctuations in large vessels can greatly impact the amount of gamma at the detector, and therefore impact the measured value, if Berthold's gas property compensation is not added. With GPC, a second detector monitors how much the gas properties are effecting gamma transmission. Based on this, the level detector compensates for changes in gas properties, providing a reliable level measurement. 

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 DuoSeries LB 470SENSseries LB 480


 DuoSeries LB 470SENSseries LB 480
Intrinsically safe signal output  
Intrinsically safe power supply  
US/Canada (FM / CSA)  
SIL 2/3  
 DuoSeries LB 4700SENSseries LB 480
 DuoSeries LB 470SENSseries LB 480
X-Ray Interference Protection  
Monitored current output  
Gas Property Compensation GPC  
Quick start  
(compensation for products with natural radioactivity)
Speedstar (50 ms response time)  


 DuoSeries LB 470SENSseries LB 480
Separate transmitter  
HART communication  
DeltaV AMS / Simatic PDM  


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