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Bulk flow measuring principle by Berthold!

In simple terms, a radiometric measurement system consists of a radioactive source that emits gamma radiation and a detector that measures this radiation. The gamma radiation is attenuated when it passes through the conveyor and the process material. The extent to which the radiation is attenuated depends on the area weight (density x loading height). In combination with the conveyor width and the conveyor speed, the exact bulk flow can be measured. The measurement is not influenced by temperature, colour or chemical properties of the material to be measured. Even under difficult operating and environmental conditions, this results in a high degree of reliability and freedom from maintenance. 

Technological Highlights

Quality and safety

  • Non-contacting
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Highly robust, suitable for the most demanding and hostile of process conditions

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Wear-free system components
  • Easy to install on existing conveyors without modification or process downtime 
  • Measurement is carried out on belt, screw, drag chain or vibrating conveyor, or possibly on a chute

Customized arrangements adapted to your measuring task

Customized solutions that are perfectly suited for the given application‘s requirements are achieved by using a variety of detectors, sources and mounting arrangements. Detector(s) and source(s) are installed around the conveyor system on a frame and can be arranged in various configurations. The configuration chosen depends on measurement geometry, accuracy requirements and economic factors.
As radiometric bulk flow measurements are non-contact, they can be used on any type of conveyor. Measuring free-falling bulk and pneumatically conveyed materials is also possible, as well as bulk flow measurement on fully enclosed conveyors.

Bulk flow measurement

Point source / rod detector

Standard solution

  • For low loads
  • Cost efficient

Bulk flow measurement

Point sources / rod detector

Highest sensitivity

  • Ideal for very wide conveyor systems

Bulk flow measurement

Rod source / point detector

Best accuracy

  • Ideal for high loading heights or very high bulk density
  • Low source activity

The specialist for bulk flow measurements

Besides current flow rate the systems also provide total solids mass (tonnage) and batch measurements. Applications of Berthold belt scales are found in all different bulk handling industries from mining to the building materials industry, from chemical plants and power plants to the pulp & paper industry. Customers benefit from improved control in mixing processes, compliance to delivery contracts and optimal utilization of loading capacities. Worldwide there are more than 2000 systems successfully in operation.

Whitepaper “Rod source / point detector"

Berthold has published the whitepaper “Rod source / point detector arrangement”, wherein the advantages and benefits of a rod source/point detector arrangement are explained. Due to less frequent production downtimes, simpler and thus more economical spare parts inventory, increased long-term and temperature stability and consistent process quality, the higher acquisition costs are mitigated within a short period of time.

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System for Bulk flow measurement

DuoSeries LB 472

The LB 472 bulk measurement system for the precise measurement of solid material mass flow on all types of conveyors.


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