Factory-approved parts

  • Parts evaluated per our internal procedures in conformance with ISO 9001 International Standard

  • ensure your system operates reliably and performs according to operational specifications

Shortest possible repair time

  • we are anxious to offer you the fastest possible on-site support

  • we strive to continuously improve diagnosis and repair time and at the same time provide the highest quality repair in every situation

We are close to you

  • we and our global partners offer you a global service network so that we can always be at your side
  • we are committed to offer you the fastest possible on-site support

Cost savings through regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of your measuring systems is an important component for a safe and high-quality measurement.

We recommend regular maintenance carried out by our Berthold service team.


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service to meet your needs

Diagnosis and repair

Our team of dedicated service technicians provides comprehensive diagnostic and repair services should your measurement solution require it.

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On-site repair

With on-site repair you get immediate help in case of repair. Get professional assistance no matter where you are!


Service centre repair

Need a repair? Send your product back to Berthold where it can be worked on right away so you don’t have to wait for a Field Service Engineer to arrive.


More service options

  • Disposal of your old devices
  • Source return
  • Rental systems on request
  • Express service for your spare parts
  • Speed service for repairs
  • Relocation of your measuring equipment
  • Start-up and commissioning of your purchased systems

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Certification of calibration

Do you need to certify that your instruments is operating according to specifications?  We are happy to support you and confirm the calbration by certificate.


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Wipe test service

Stay on the safe side

  • leak tests of sources containing enclosed radioactive substances
  • Wipe test when returning sources and source exchange or replacement

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IQ / PQ / OQ qualification

Our trained and certified staff will help you through your Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification (IQOQ).




frequently asked questions

In principle, radiometric measurements are always safe, provided they are properly installed and it is ensured that the applicable regulations are…

Replacing the source does require the direct handling of the unshielded source. You must clarify with the responsible supervisory authority in advance…

Return of radioactive sources for all countries except Germany:

Should you decide to return radioactive sources to us, international regulations for…

Unfortunately, we cannot offer all of the services listed here in every country. Please contact your local partner.