Measuring the density in the pulper

Automatic process flow may be abrupt or ceased if blockage forms within the process. To ensure a trouble-free operation, the applied measuring system must establish an optimal ratio of wastepaper/pulp to process water. The efficiency of the running process is crucial for the operator. The non-contacting measurement is installed outside of the vessel and is therefore not affected by the conditions prevailing. Thus, as much raw material as possible can be loaded.

Customer benefits

  • Prevents blocking, therefore ensures smooth process
  • Enables continuous establishment of wastepaper/pulp to process water ratio
  • Continuous build-up signal (density)


  • Non-contact, non-intrusive therefore maintenance-free
  • Mounted outside of the vessel
  • Compact density device – transmitter and detector in one unit
  • Smart and cost-efficient



Density measurement Product brochure

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SmartSeries LB 414

Compact and cost-optimized detector with integrated transmitter and local user interface