Optimum shielding effect for safe operation

Our shields – made from steel and stainless steel filled with tungsten or lead – offer the best shielding effect in every possible situation. The shield or rather the lock or seal remains closed until the measurement is put into operation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimum shielding effect
  • Custom-made design
  • Low space requirements

Exceeding Standards

  • Type A compliant
  • Lead, stainless steel or tungsten as shield material for gamma sources
  • Special polyethylene as shield material for neutron sources
  • Lockable – manually or pneumatic driven

Safety made by Berthold

With our unrivaled selection of shields and custom-made special editions, we offer you the optimal solution for your measuring challenge.

They are designed according to the international standards:

  • ANSI 43.8
  • ISO 7205
  • IEC 62598



Rotatable point source shield Manual

English | PDF | 3.2 MB

Shield LB 744x Manual

English | PDF | 6.3 MB

Flange mounting shield Manual

English | PDF | 4.0 MB

Rod source shield LB 8300 Manual

English | PDF | 2.0 MB

Shield LB 8901 Manual

English | PDF | 1.7 MB

Transport Shield Manual

English | PDF | 2.1 MB

Shield LB 8110 Manual

English | PDF | 931.0 KB

Mold level shield Manual

English | PDF | 4.0 MB