Solutions for Public Facilities

Radiation protection and radiation protection measurements are relevant in many areas of application. The measurement of radioactivity also plays an important role in various public institutions. The following institutions, for example, belong to such facilities:

•    Authorities
•    Investigation offices
•    Hunters/Hunting associations
•    Training centers

Continuous Monitoring, also as Independent Measuring Authority

Independent monitoring authorities are obliged to carry out continuous environmental monitoring for radioactivity. For such measuring offices our monitors are used for the measurement of airborne activities, which convince by their robustness against external influences and their mostly autonomous functionality. By individual solutions your wishes can be fulfilled tailor-made. We offer measurement solutions not only for monitoring radioactivity in air, but also in water, soil and food. With our measurement and visualization software all measurements can be centrally recorded and monitored.

Testing the Hunted Wild Animals for Cs-137

Monitoring of wild boar meat for radioactive contamination is one example of the important role of food monitoring. Due to radioactive deposits of caesium after the Chernobyl accident and its relatively long half-life of 30 years, Cs-137 reaches wild animals via the food chain. For this reason, at least in some parts of the country, the Cs-137 activity must be determined for each hunted animal by means of a sample. Our Becquerel monitor LB 201, which is very easy to use and provides fast and easy to interpret measurement results, is an optimal solution for this.  

Promoting Young Talent in Radiation Protection with Measuring Instruments from Berthold

Especially in radiation protection, the promotion of young scientists and teaching is becoming more and more important, because later experts in this field can only be called upon with sufficient training. We at Berthold offer radiation protection measuring instruments that are optimally suited to the initial experience of future specialists. The intuitive operation of the devices and the provision of precise measurement results help to deepen the understanding of measurement technology.


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