State of the art measurement technology

Microwave moisture measurement

Microwaves penetrate the bulk material, causing a rotation of the free water molecules. As a result the velocity of the microwaves is reduced (phase shift) and their intensity is weakened (attenuation). Both effects are measured and used to calculate moisture content.

These measuring effects are achieved with very small microwave transmission power – typically 0.1 mW. Consequently the measured material is neither warmed nor modified. Factors such as colour, viscosity, composition homogeneity, and dust have no or only a negligible effect on the measurement performance.


Radiometric moisture measurement

Fast neutrons are slowed down impacts with hydrogen nuclei, but are barely affected by other elements.
This measurement system comprises a source, emitting a cloud of fast neutrons. After their interaction with the water molecules within the measured material, the attenuated neutrons are measured by a detector that is only sensitive to slow neutrons. As the number of slow neutrons corresponds to the hydrogen content, radiometric neutron technology provides an extremely reliable measurement of product moisture or hydrogen content. 
It is not affected by temperature, pressure, conductivity, or varying particle sizes, and even frozen water can be measured reliably.

Online moisture measurement on bulk materials

The MicroPolar measures the moisture content of a wide variety of bulk solids online. The measurement takes place on the conveyor belt, bunker, silo, or on a shaft. The microwave transmission technology provides a noncontact measurement of the entire material cross-section. This results in an accurate and representative online measurement for quality assurance and process optimization.
Typical areas of application for all kind of bulk materials are found in mining, power plants, coking plants, chemistry, building materials, wood and paper industry.

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LB 567/568

Moisture measurement in storage and weighing containers

This radiometric measuring technology measures the material moisture in storage and weighing containers. The system measures a large material volume (up to 1 m diameter), making the measurement representative, rather than a surface measurement. The moisture is measured from the outside of the vessel or through a modified wall section.
The measurement setup is extremely robust and has already proven itself in numerous difficult applications such as moisture measurement of coke, sinter, sand, gravel, calcareous sandstone, although it is not explosion proof rated. Once installed and calibrated, no further recalibration or maintenance is required. 
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LB 350

Technological Highlights

Advantages at a glance

  • No contact with the material to be measured
  • Precise and maintenance-free operation
  • Measurement of the whole material profile
  • Easy to install on existing conveyors or chutes


State of the art technology

  • As it is noncontact, it can be installed without interrupting operation 
  • High availability and therefore high operational safety
  • Reliable measurement without recalibration


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