Technological Highlights

Simple and intuitive operation

  • User-friendly and intuitive operation
  • Onsite calibration


State of the art technology

  • Optimize your process by monitoring the Brix content
  • High process reliability with online measurement
  • Representative and reliable with the transmission measurement

Simple and straightforward in operation

Real-time measuring results are essential to optimize and control sugar quality and an efficient production process. With more than a thousand installations worldwide, the microwave analyser MicroPolar Brix has proven to work reliably and accurately.
MicroPolar Brix is available with various sensors for installation on vessels (e.g. crystallizer) or pipelines. The high energy version, the MicroPolar++ provides accuracy for larger diameter pipelines.

Multi-frequency Technology

The measurement is performed with a number of different frequencies per measurement cycle, leading to a very stable and reliable measurement, unaffected by reflecions or resonances.

High Dynamics

The high dynamic range of MicroPolar allows the precise determination of concentration on very large pipeline diameters.

Reference Line

An integrated reference line makes the measurement independent from potential environmental influences.

Automatic on-site calibration

The calibration is carried out directly on the transmitter. The software contains a sample taking feature, where laboratory values can be easily entered. The calibration curve is calculated automatically.


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Industries & Applications

Sugar Industry

Online measurement of concentration, density, brix value and dry substance for the sugar industry