Systems for Data Processing and Evaluation

Evaluation and Data Processing for Radiation Protection 

For the evaluation and data processing of the measured values, probes must communicate with corresponding evaluation units. For this purpose, we offer universal data acquisition systems for a variety of detector systems in radiation protection. Various probes, sensors and peripheral devices can be connected to these.
Depending on the data acquisition system, all measured values, different balance sheets, as well as limit value overruns and underruns can be observed and output stored according to your customer-specific requirements. The online display of the measured values can be numerical or graphical. Depending on the configured system, an alarm display can be signalled both optically and acoustically.

Collection, Visualization and Evaluation of Measurement Data

Measuring stations with data acquisition systems and various probes and sensors are used for the continuous measurement of radioactivity. 
The data provided by a network of such measuring stations can be archived and visualized over a long period by means of a MEVIS.

The Data Acquisition System for Your Needs

With our extensive portfolio of data acquisition systems, we cover a wide range of radiation protection measurement technology to meet your individual needs and requirements. Our competent staff will be pleased to help you to put together the suitable system for your evaluation and data processing.